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here are some things that i have been looking at over the past summer, since portfolio review i have tried to look at everything i can possibly get my hands on and try to not be so restricted:

for those who like photography, here is an amazing photographer named Erick Anderson, his focus is on people, mostly well known musicians and such but his work is absolutely amazing, check it out at,

i am also interested in book covers and found a great site dedicated to book covers, their authors and their designers, it is absolutely endless with very intelligent crit. sessions with some very talented professional designers,

another site thats worth checking out is it has an endless archive of type and other design ideas has some really really amazing work as well has some great links to well known designers and has helped me a lot int he past

there are a lot of good blogs that are out there about design, some of which i have found are, this one has some good links to found/environmental typography, helps with what were working on in type class and is another blog site that is often times too much for me to grasp but other times is helpful

some other random sites i like which has some good book cover design -great designer!!! he did the million little pieces book cover by james fre aother great designer, did a brave new world book cover -really great website and work

for some great images of hand drawn illustrations check out david choe’ website,

john zai has a great blog with a lot of good work at