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Sometimes, for me, color is the last thing I think about, and quit often something I dont even think about ever. I tend to be drawn to black and white images, from design work to my own photography, I simply love black and white. Most likely because I am intemiated by color, I think things dont look right, and dont particularly know what colors are best suitable for certain work. The fact of the matter is, color is intemidating, it can make or break a visual. What is wrong and what is right when it comes to color, what are the right colors for such works? I have found some really nice blogs and websites dedicated to understanding color and applying color to design work. Most importntly are the visuals that each of these links contain, they were absolutely crucial in helping me understand certain color patterns and combinations.

First is the blog, Design Lab 1: 2D Visual Arts Blog by Paul Notzold. Here Paul and a group of students give both textual and visual definitions of different color patterns, through self-portraiture. From analogous to double split complimentary, there is a wide range of helpful images and understanding.

Below are examples of one students experimentation with, analogous, cold, warm, monochromatic and triadic color schemes. Each with a different purpose and a different affect.

There are also many links here, so you can look at other students work to get even a more imagery and information on color schemes, and simply understanding color better.


here are some more links that will help you understand what exactly graphic design is:

here is a site by the aigi about what in the world graphic design is

this blog has been created to get definitions from designers about what they feel their profession really is

another blog to help clarify graphic design designtalkboard

here is davidairey’s take on graphic design

jacob cass’s definition and blog

this site is amazingly designed, one of the best interactive sites ive ever seen, not really on the idea of what is graphic design, but exactly that at the same time,

one last site dedicated to help define design,

these have all helped me understand that everything is design or had to be designed by someone, which is not only helpful in understanding graphic design but encouraging to know that it is in fact everything

Lately ive been trying to figure out what in the world im going to actually do with graphic design and how im going to communicate visually to the world in a way that different from everyone else, because there is an endless sea of designers and ideas floating around out there and frankly i often get lost and sometimes feel like im drowning, so here are a few things that ive been looking at and things that have helped me stay afloat.

Is this graphic design? Of course, everything is design, EVERYTHING! And thats another thing im starting to figure out, i thought graphic design had to follow certain guidelines and have some kind of purpose, but it doesnt, you can throw some paint on a wall and call it graphic design. Here trevor jackson found a way to come up with a clever little poster that is humorous enough to actually get thrown all around the web. on different peoples blogs, he could have even done this in microsoft word, he could be an author rather than a “graphic designer.” I dont even know what it means anymore to be a graphic designer, of course there is a definition in the dictionary but i think it is anyone who can communicate in any kind of way to someone else or even themselves.

here is some good examples of what graphic design really is— what_is_graphic_design_poster_competition

just another cool link for everyone to look at and enjoy, too much info and stuff.

i stumbled across a design blog that advertised this new font, Birra, as well as offered a link to a free download, its quite nice and free!!! if you like it, download it.

ive also attached an example of Birra below.

“Birra arose from years of compulsive doodling in pen and ink, and conjures the whimsy and syncopated contrast of novelty handlettering in the early 20th century. Birra Stout is a free font, and the first release of a still-evolving project which we’ll expand as time permits.

here is a link to another blog called visual culture, i stumbled across it by accident, i saw some images of new bike rack ideas by local designers up in New York City, i think they are brilliant and i would love to do something like that around here, in Knoxville and even on campus at UT. check them out, o and the blog is very incite full as well

heres an example of what im talking about, a bike rack that looks like a shoe and one that looks like a dog…clever!

here is something that we have been talking about for the past 2 years, just a new way to understand and look at it, – “what is graphic design…”

that video made me start to think about what is graphic design to me and what do i like about it so much; and i started to think of all the things i like about it, the process itself, starting with a simple idea or problem and watching the process fold out and realizing what you stumble upon, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose.
constantly looking around for inspiration and noticing things i never noticed before. taking in everything is possibly the biggest attribute of design and becoming a good designer. you have to constantly be on the look out, at new ideas, old ideas and other peoples work can influence immensely. possibly my favorite part of any project is watching it as it goes through its different stages and seeing what a simple idea can actually turn into is extremely fulfilling and keeps me pushing forward. another thing i love is looking back and realizing how much stuff you have, if you keep files, printouts, libraries, your work, other peoples work, you start to collect and before you know it you have a gigantic stockpile of stuff, stuff that you can look back on, use and share. these are jsut a few reasons why i like graphic design, there will be more!

here are some things that i have been looking at over the past summer, since portfolio review i have tried to look at everything i can possibly get my hands on and try to not be so restricted:

for those who like photography, here is an amazing photographer named Erick Anderson, his focus is on people, mostly well known musicians and such but his work is absolutely amazing, check it out at,

i am also interested in book covers and found a great site dedicated to book covers, their authors and their designers, it is absolutely endless with very intelligent crit. sessions with some very talented professional designers,

another site thats worth checking out is it has an endless archive of type and other design ideas has some really really amazing work as well has some great links to well known designers and has helped me a lot int he past

there are a lot of good blogs that are out there about design, some of which i have found are, this one has some good links to found/environmental typography, helps with what were working on in type class and is another blog site that is often times too much for me to grasp but other times is helpful

some other random sites i like which has some good book cover design -great designer!!! he did the million little pieces book cover by james fre aother great designer, did a brave new world book cover -really great website and work

for some great images of hand drawn illustrations check out david choe’ website,

john zai has a great blog with a lot of good work at