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Until two years ago i had no idea what i wanted to do with my life, i came to the University of Tennessee in 2002 straight out of high school with an idea of getting a business degree…and when i got tired of that i turned to a history degree…and when i got tired of that i considered dropping out of school and moving home with nothing to show for the last four years of my life, but i decided to give it one last chance and started to explore this world of graphic design. What i found out was that the first four years of my college career were in fact not wasted, they got me to where i needed to be. Hating business classes and struggling through history classes just made me realize those were not the right paths for me. I had to find out what was not for me tin order to find out what was. To make a long story short, i changed majors once more; to graphic design and i have loved every minute of it, even the days without sleep and the additional financial aid i have had to get and working my tail off, it is all worth it, because it is something i truly love.


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